Positive Attitude – 5 Steps to a Happy Life

We all want a happy life, and we all know that having a positive attitude feels better than a negative one. But for some reason, we are all attracted to and can be easily drawn to the negative side. How do we go about to establish a more positive attitude as a daily habit?Even for […]


34 Ways To Encourage Positive Thinking

The brain is a powerful organ; it controls the entire body. But your thought process is much more influential. Your thoughts dictate who you become, what you do, and the success you’ll have. Take some time to really analyze your thoughts. Which direction do they point you? Buddha said, “The mind is everything. What you […]


How Positive Thinking Re-Wires Your Brain

The power of positive thinking. How many times have you heard that phrase thrown around? It’s so much a part of our vernacular now that it’s almost become meaningless. We’d all agree that thinking positively is a good thing. Especially when we’re feeling positive. When you’re feeling good, how much trouble is it to think, […]


The Power of Positive Thinking

Every decade for the last century, we’ve managed to increase our average life expectancy by about 2 years. More and more of us are living productive, healthy lives for longer. But how much does positive thinking help and how can we teach ourselves to look on the bright side? It’s difficult to tease out the […]


How to Be Yourself and Cultivate a Positive Self-Image

Be yourself. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard this phrase in the movies, songs and books I’ve encountered. And I have to admit I never really understood what it meant all this time. Until recently. There’s more to this phrase than what you think. Sure, you know yourself better than any other person. […]


The Power Of Positive Thinking

“Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate,” as Norman Vincent Peale emphasises in “The Power of Positive Thinking”. Ask yourself what is positive thinking? Write it down. Read the definition you’ve just written. Are you willing to acknowledge the belief hidden in those words right now? You might think positive thinking is […]


How to Overcome Failure: 9 Powerful Habits

“Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.” C. S. Lewis   “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Michael Jordan   “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” Samuel Beckett   Oftentimes things go OK or even better than that. But […]


The Power Of A Positive Attitude

Do you think you’re a positive person? A positive mental attitude can improve your health, enhance your relationships, increase your chances of success, and add years to your life. The fact is, most people are bombarded by negativity each day. Sure, it’s easy to cast blame by saying you’re surrounded by negative people. The reality: […]